United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stands up for Donald Trump’s decision to covertly take out a known terrorist, without notifying Congress, and says America is safer because of it. Pompeo might have information that leads him to believe the suspect, now a victim, was plotting other attacks against United States embassies.

Of course, that requires proof, but the Soleimani guy was already responsible for hundreds of lives lost and many more injured.

From what we know about Trump’s decision, the president claims this was done to prevent a war, not stop one. Critics of Trump say that if he takes out one top general, then someone else fills in his place and they carry out the same attacks as planned. There is always a chance of retaliation after a military strike.

Iran retaliated by attacking bases where Americans were housed, but they came up empty. Well, except for the Ukrainian civilian plane the Iranian’s took down by accident, lied about, then finally admit to doing it.

Pompeo has no reason to not support Trump in this action. It’s done.

Users on social media are playing the action/reaction debate, trying to figure out if Trump’s actions were a reaction, or an action that wanted a reaction.

Let’s just say this, Soleimani was a terrorist and Trump took him out.

Why aren’t Democrats happy about that?

Most people weren’t complaining when America took out Osama bin Laden. When bin Laden was taken out, people were united for it,

Here’s Mike Pompeo stating his case on how Trump reduced the “capacity for terrorists’ all over the place, and especially in America.