GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy goes on the record to defend police and stick up for their funding, telling his Democrat opponents that defunding the police is the absolute last thing anyone should be doing.

If we've learned anything over the past three weeks, besides the fact that ONE bad cop murdered someone so casually and set off riots and protests that damaged multiple major cities - it's that our police are so short staffed that there's nothing they could ever do to prevent a riot.

When Democrats say they want to defund police, some of them are actually and sanely wanting to eliminate police. Others just want to redirect a little bit of the funding into social and community programs with the hopes that if people are living a better life, then they wouldn't resort to crime.

That makes logical sense, sure. But Democrats are great at taxing people and mismanaging money. Why does the funding for social programs need to come out of the police budget?

In Philadelphia, Democrat Mayor Kenney was going to give police more money to get body cameras and training. Democrat Kenney took it away. Now if there's a questionable arrest, we may not know because Kenney and his failed Democrat logic took their funding increase proposal away.

McCarthy's very simple, yet firm message, said "Dear Democrats: Defunding the police is the last thing we should be doing right now. Our men and women in blue are asking for better training, and they deserve our support!"

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