Several Republicans were asked about former President Donald Trump being scheduled to speak at CPAC. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy replied with a yes. But when it was Rep. Liz Cheney's turn, she took a different turn down the road of answers.

Cheney said Trump speaking at CPAC was up to CPAC to decide, but then added her two bits saying she doesn't believe that Trump should play any role in the future of the Republican Party or the country, after what happened on January 6th at the Capitol.

McCarthy sarcastically responded, calling Cheney's answer a "high note" and said, "thank you very much." People started laughing out loud.

WATCH Rep. Liz Cheney give her answer about Trump, followed by laughter:

Q: Do you believe former President Trump should speaking at CPAC?
GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy: "Yes he should."
Rep. Liz Cheney: "That's up to CPAC....I don't believe that he should be playing a role in the future of the party or the country." Kevin GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy: "On that high note, thank you very much."

It really seems like Liz Cheney is bent on hating Trump so much that she's willing to divide the Republican Party over it. She could have just said "that's up to CPAC" and left it alone. But nope, Cheney needs to feel important and express her rage at Trump even though he's not the president anymore.