Well oh my gosh! We have a politician busted on hot mic saying something that I say just about every single day.

Chicago's Mayor Lightfoot was on a Zoom call and perhaps she thought the call was over, and she muttered "you got to be f-cking kidding me" about something.

There's something funny about people being caught on hot mic, and we're here to enjoy it. This isn't as funny as the Fox News host calling Kamala Harris bullsh*t, but it's right up there.

WATCH Lightfoot mutter it under her breath:

So what was Lightfoot yapping about? This report reveals it:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday got caught on a hot mic again at a City Council meeting — this time, using profanity.

As Ald. Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez (33rd) wrapped her remarks on a resolution commemorating Black History Month, Lightfoot can be heard muttering, “You’ve got to be f---king kidding me.”

“Sorry to disappoint the Twitter trolls, but my comment had nothing to do with anything that was actually going on at City Council. I’ve explained that to Alderman Rodriguez [Sanchez] and she understands that,” the mayor told reporters later.

Shortly after Lightfoot took office, Patrick Murray, then second-vice-president of the Fraternal Order of Police, rose during the public comment session that precedes every Council meeting.

I can't even make fun of her for this because I have a bad mouth myself.

However, a lot of trolls on the Internet make fun of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, calling her mean things like "Beetlejuice" and that's just an insult to one of the greatest roles ever played by MIchael Keaton.

He deserves better.

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