Democrat Maxine Waters suggests she's going to "find out" who's on the subReddit "WallStreetBets" trading all those stocks and exchanging information in an otherwise free market where people are allowed to discuss what's hot, what's not, and where to invest their own darn money.

Waters sounds like she's threatening people who have conversations on the forum about the stock market.

Meanwhile, most of the people using that are just random every day people getting into the stock market, trading small amounts, and many of the people lost money when RobinHood put their foot down, allegedly protecting the hedge funds during that GameStop fiasco.

The big rich people might call it stock market manipulation, but the little guy calls it leveling the playing field against the billionaires.

WATCH Maxine Waters act like she doesn't care about the little guy:

I thought Democrats were all about the little man? I thought Democrats wanted to pull people out of poverty and watch them succeed, paying them higher minimum wages? So what's the problem if people who can afford to invest in stocks are playing the stock market? Isn't that what the stock market is for? It's for people to invest. Some lose money, some earn money, and it all eventually balances out somehow, right?

So what the heck, Maxine - why don't you spend that energy asking RobinHood why they clamped down on trades causing a LOT of people to LOSE money?

Makes you wonder where she's got her money invested.

And if you're looking for a free stock, then join me on RobinHood - we both get a free stock when you sign up. I still use them because they're protected by donors and I did make some money on it.... except for holding that GME bag.

This meme is dedicated to Maxine Waters and any politician looking at the small guy as the problem: