Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters made a bold statement about police regarding the Rayshard Brooks incident in Atlanta. Waters said on Twitter, "watch the video of the killing of #RayshardBrooks. A senseless & needless killing by a murderous cop! Police reform is NOT ENOUGH. Getting rid of serial, racist, ignorant, & stupid cops must be a top priority. Let’s call them out! Police protective unions, you’ve got to go too!"

Waters makes a point to get rid of cops who act in bad faith and who make all the good cops (the majority) look bad. Everyone wants that. There's bad people at almost every job who make the good ones look worse, so this is nothing new.

However, Waters appears to have completely ignored what happened in the video on purpose, just to push her anti-cop rhetoric and use the death of an alleged criminal to push her leftist agenda.

What happened to Rayshard Brooks is unfortunate for many reasons, but could have been avoided for even more reasons.

The man fought with police officers, stole a taser, ran away, shot the taser at the police officer, and then got shot. There's a lot to digest while watching the videos, but this is nothing like what happened to George Floyd who was helpless on the ground with a knee on his neck.

Watch the videos for yourself and decide on what the outcome should be: