If you haven't heard the news by now, then now you're hearing it here for the first time. A few days ago a giant ass boat got stuck in the Suez Canal and it's literally the dumbest and funniest thing ever besides Joe Biden's first formal press conference as president. That was an abysmal failure and equally funny.

But we have much better memes coming from the Suez Canal tomfoolery. AJ+ wrote, "Egypt's Suez Canal is still blocked 3 days after a container ship the size of the Empire State Building got stuck. Officials say it has yet to move, despite digging. 200+ ships are waiting to cross. Experts say the blockage may last weeks, delaying up to $10B in cargo per day."

First let's show you some of the REAL photos of the big ass boat blocking the canal:

boat 1.jpg boat 2.jpg boat3.jpg

Now let's show you the memes about the big ass boat stuck in the Suez Canal.