Baltimore's top prosecutor Marilyn Mosby was indicted by a federal grand jury. Mosby faces charges of making false mortgage applications connected to two vacation homes in Florida and also charges of perjury.

This is the same Marilyn Mosby who was supported by then-Senator Kamala Harris back in 2018 who said Mosby "cannot fail and I know she will not fail."

WATCH Kamala's video from 2018 in which she supported Mosby back then, who was just indicted this week:

Mosby's charges are a four-count indictment according to AP:

The four-count indictment alleges that Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby lied about meeting qualifications for coronavirus-related distributions from a city retirement plan in 2020. Federal prosecutors also allege that Mosby lied on 2020 application forms for mortgages to purchase a home in Kissimmee, Florida, and a condominium in Long Boat Key, Florida.

Mosby, 41, is a high-profile prosecutor who has aligned herself with criminal-justice reformers. She rose to national prominence in 2015 when she pursued criminal charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, a Black man whose death in police custody triggered riots and protests. None of the officers were convicted.

AP further reported that Mosby's indictment happened several months after it was reported that the Maryland State Board of Elections was subpoenaed by federal officials who wanted information about campaign finance and business records connected to Mosby and her husband, Nick Mosby, who is the Baltimore City Council President. The feds apparently wanted records that dated back to at least 2014.

An attorney representing the couple alleged misconduct by federal prosecutors in a letter to the U.S. Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility and sought a suspension of the criminal investigation into the couple. Nick Mosby has not been charged with any crimes.

“We will fight these charges vigorously, and I remain confident that once all the evidence is presented, that she will prevail against these bogus charges — charges that are rooted in personal, political and racial animus five months from her election,” said A. Scott Bolden, Mosby’s attorney, in a statement Thursday night.

Mosby faces two perjury charges that could come with a maximum five year sentence in prison. The two mortgage charges could land a 30 year maximum for each charge.