Here's a man dressed up as a nurse at some City Council Meeting and he's singing some absolutely ridiculous song.

There is no way for me to tell if he's a real nurse or just a guy who dresses up like one, but either way, this man's psychotic and disturbing song is causing people all over social media to cringe.

These are the type of videos that make an entire industry look bad. 99% of nurses are not like this, but when someone does something so stupid and embarrassing like the clown in this video, then it makes the whole team look bad.


I know a lot of nurses and none of them would be caught EVER looking like this in public or on social media.

But you know what they say, there's always one useless toolbag who ruins it for everyone else.

If this guy really is a nurse, then I hope he's fired immediately. I would never want him anywhere near my family. He looks mentally unstable and should be in a nut house counting the hairs on his legs and naming the invisible mice that run up his walls.

This is what it's like when your parents never hugged you as a child, and no one else hugged you as an adult.

Lock him up in the nut house where he belongs.