NEW MEXICO -- A protest surrounding a statue of Juan de Oñate in Albuquerque turned violent when a shooting took place. The scene involved the New Mexico Civil Guard militia group protesting about the statue, but they were then met by armed counter protesters. That's where it all went downhill for everyone at the protest.

At least one person is wounded, several shots were fired, and much of it was all caught on video.

A reporter was providing live details through Twitter posts.

In this video you can see a man in a blue shirt leaving the protest area. The protesters were not happy with him. Several people chased him down, attacked him, hit him with a skateboard, and someone even yelled to "kill" him.

Seems like the blue shirt guy shot someone, possibly the man who went after him with a skateboard, despite the fact he was leaving the area and deescalating the situation.

Here's the video and other posts from the incident.

Looks like he was arrested, but others might have been too.

What happens if someone gets shot and the protesters need to call the police, but the police now have no air in their tires?