Show host Bill Maher says China already won because Americans are too busy having a "woke competition" and worrying about "lizard people."

This took place on Real Time with Bill Maher where the host lashed out on a number of nonsensical things that Americans are doing or wasting time with while China exceeds and propels their "best and brightest" without political correctness.

Despite the terrible things China has done, Maher's points are spot on because we are wasting time on absolutely ridiculous things that literally do not matter.

WATCH Bill Maher unload:

One of his best quotes was this, "You know who doesn’t care that there’s a stereotype of a Chinese man in a Dr. Seuss book? China. All 1.4 billion of them could give a crouching tiger flying f-ck!" And he's right. That was such a waste of energy.

Like Mr. Potato Head and all that wasted media buzz and conversation over a plastic potato. A complete waste of time, right?

Maher said, “On a national level, we’ve been having infrastructure week every week since 2009, but we never do anything... Half the county is having a never-ending woke competition deciding whether Mr. Potato Head has a d-ck, and the other half believes that we have to stop the lizard people because they’re eating babies."

Bill Maher said on Twitter, "Nothing ever moves in this impacted colon of a country. We see a problem and we ignore it, lie about it, fight about it. When China sees a problem, they fix it. They build a dam, we debate what to rename it."

Time to stop with the wokeness and political correctness and just get things done.

Enough nonsense, folks!