ATLANTA: Just as the George Floyd protests and activity started to settle down, another cop involved incident has sparked more protests and civil disobedience.

It all started when Rayshard Brooks was at a DUI point. Something happened and Brooks grabbed allegedly a taser from one of the police officers and began running away with it.

Brooks is seen on video turning around and firing the taser at the officer. The officer responds by discharging his weapon and hits Brooks who sustains a fatal injury.

The incident was caught on video and it shows Brooks turn and fire on the officer during the chase.

Since then, the police chief has resigned, the officer who fired the shot was fired, Wendy's where the incident took place has been set on fire, and protesters are taking over the highway.

And not everyone will feel bad about this one, as CNN reporters were harassed and had a camera broken.

In hindsight, Brooks is on camera turning and firing on the officer, so it's not nearly as bad as the George Floyd incident where an officer took a knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes, which most Americans agree that was completely uncalled for.