As if looting wasn't bad enough, now the thieves are allegedly bragging about looting and trying to sell the goods on social media. CBS 2 received several videos from users on Facebook who were admitting to taking the items during a protest and now wanted to sell them.

That's when CBS 2 sent the photos and videos over to the Chicago Police Department (CPD). Now it turns out that the Chicago police have detectives reviewing all information and the FBI is also investigating.

The CPD made a call for evidence, either videos or photos, of people looting so they could investigate and perhaps prosecute anyone they could identify committing the crime. The people responded with plenty of evidence, but of course, processing it and properly identifying criminals will take quite a while.

In one video, it was a woman showing looting at one of the strip malls and there was a van completely filled with stolen items. Her video on Facebook had about 6600 views and 41 shares, per CBS Local.

But it gets worse. Another video from Facebook Live, meaning it was recorded in person to a live audience on Facebook, had a woman admitting that she participated in stealing the items. She was so bold as to call out anyone who tagged the police on her page and even defended selling the stolen items.

She said, and I quote from CBS Local, “I don’t give no (expletive) about this s**t. I upload stolen (expletive) 365 a year,” she is heard saying. “This ain’t (expletive) first time I did this.”

At this time, both detectives from the Chicago Police Department and officials from the FBI are looking into it and hope to identify and prosecute looters.