At least one looter who was busted by the police is being honest and explaining his motive for stealing - but it may not be the best one you've heard.

A reporter walked over to talk to the man who sat in police custody, hands behind his back in cuffs/ties, and that's when Fox 11's Bill Melugin got the stone cold truth from the perpetrator - he was just out trying to get some money!

The man is on video saying it and let's just say he didn't let anyone down. While honesty is great, this may not hold up in court - or will it?

"FOX 11's Bill Melugin talked to him, and he was very candid about his motive. He said point-blank he was "out to get some money". When asked if his actions were related to the protests and events that took place in Minnesota, he said it had a little bit to do with it, but it was mostly for "the dough."

He left our interview by saying, "If you're going to get some money, do it right. Don't do it the dumb way. Do it the smart way." (Fox LA)