TENNESSEE -- The alleged thieves probably thought they had an easy mark, but they walked into the wrong store!

May Boyce, 88, owns a liquor store called Murfreesboro Road Liquor and Wines in Tennessee and she's already been robbed a few times. She said, “I’m fed up and I’m not taking it anymore. You’ve got to stick up for yourself sometimes.”

She's out on $10,000 bond and released after being charged with aggravated assault after she shot a man who, she claimed, was trying to steal himself some whisky.

A report on the Charlotte Observer had all the details.

Boyce said to the investigators that two African American males came into the store. One walked behind the counter. The other approached her “in a manner that she knew” would mean she was getting robbed.

One man asked for some "brown liquor" and another took a few bottles of other stuff. That's when Boyce confronted the man grabbing the bottles and he, according to the story told to the police, had lunged at her and then ran towards the exit.

“Ms. Boyce stated that she pointed the gun towards the ground, in the victim’s direction, and fired once,” authorities said. “The victim yelled out that he had been shot and fell into a stack of bottles.”

The other man helped Fisher out of the store, the affidavit states.

And sadly, Boyce was charged with a crime for defending herself and her business against alleged criminals.