Just when you thought the saying 'Let's Go Brandon' might take a little break, we get this breaking news that the 'Let's Go Brandon' coin is now the lead sponsor for NASCAR driver Brandon Brown.

The LGB coin is a form of cryptocurrency, sort of like the DogeCoin you can buy on Robin Hood (sign up here while it's cheap).

Brandon Brown at first seemed like he would stay out of politics, which is a smart move for any athlete - just ask Colin Kaepernick who hasn't played football since becoming a social justice warrior - but Brandon Brown recently embraced the saying, probably because it's actually his name and it makes sense for him. Fair enough, right?

However, there's a lot of people who associate the saying 'Let's Go Brandon' as the non-vulgar version of 'F*ck Joe Biden' ever since a reporter talking to Brown told him the audience was saying "let's go, Brandon" when they really were not. In fact, not even close!

Brandon Brown said on Twitter: "I’m excited to welcome @LGBcoin_io aboard my No. 68 Chevrolet Camaro as our 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series full season primary partner!"

WATCH Brandon's video: