CNN's Don Lemon defends Vice President Kamala Harris for "tweeting support" for a protester bail out fund project to help protesters post bail after they were arrested.

Lemon also criticizes do-nothing Senator, Captain Hogwash himself, Lindsey Graham, who claimed in a recent video that we've opened Pandora's Box. Lemon discusses the comparison between Kamala Harris supporting a group that bails out protesters, or as some people might say - rioters.

Lemon suggests there is no comparison and people like Graham should know better.

WATCH the Lemon get sour:

Also, if anyone is mad that we criticize Lindsey Graham, then oh well. I think we should agree that he's mostly a "do literally nothing" type of Senator and he's usually all talk.

If you disagree, that's OK and I respect your decision, but I'm not changing my mind on that guy.

You do you.