Did you know Russia has a full contact basketball league called RUGBALL? Well, they do, and anyone in the NBA who flops as much as Lebron James certainly wouldn't last!

It's basically like what basketball used to be, when they were a lot more rugged. Well, not THIS tough, since they're legit dropping each other to the floor and it's totally legal.

This sport combines elements of basketball, wrestling, and rugby. There is literally no dribbling and people are basically fighting on the ground during the match.

The basketball skills aren't the best, but good luck getting to the rim without being tackled.

Lebron James might be athletic, but he would get dropped by one of these guys in a split second. Then he would probably complain about the air conditioning and switch teams a few times.

WATCH the video of Rugball in action:

Here's a description of the league curtesy of a Reddit user who got it translated for us.

Rugball (Регбол) is a russian sports team game with elements of wrestling, basketball and rugby. The game of rugball is played on the basketball field and The teams consists of 13 players, but no more than six players are allowed on the court. the goal of the game is to throw the ball into the opponent's basket. In contrast to basketball, there are no such concepts as dribbling and free throws. During the game hard fighting is allowed, therefore, in order to prevent injuries and protect players during falls and collisions - knee pads, elbow pads and optionally helmets are provided. Rugball is an integral part in the training of wrestlers. Ragged rhythm of the game, where jogging is mixed with acceleration, fighting, throws in the basket for accuracy - allows you to develop dexterity, explosive force and coordination. Rugball is registered as an independent sport by the decision of the commission of the State Committee of Sports of Russia on the recognition of new sports from November 13, 2003 No. 3. The Russian federation of rugball was formed in May 1999 . The first Russian rugby championship took place in Ulyanovsk in October 1999.

So yeah, they do things a little different in Russia.