Trump's lawyer Michael van der Veen began talking about dragging Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Philadelphia for deposition as part of Trump's impeachment trial.

That's when Senators began laughing at van der Veen and he had to be wondering what it was, as he suggested there was nothing to laugh about.

WATCH it happen:

The reason people began laughing was not related to having Pelosi or Harris provide testimony in deposition, but because van der Veen had pronounced Philadelphia as "Philly-delphia" - like he was going to say "Philly" but switched at the last second to say "Philadelphia" and they both came out instead.

Van der Veen also suggested if Harris and Pelosi were to provide a statement, it would not be on Zoom, but in person. However, Democrats folded and decided not to see any witnesses and now the impeachment trial is on to closing arguments.

Order was demanded to be restored to the court.

Van der Veen said:

Nancy Pelosi’s deposition needs to be taken. Vice President Harris’ deposition absolutely needs to be taken. And not by Zoom. None of these depositions should be done by Zoom. We didn’t do this hearing by Zoom. These depositions should be done in-person, in my office, in Philly-delphia.

I don’t know how many civil lawyers are here, but that’s how it works, folks. I don’t know why you’re laughing.