Donald Trump's new company, Trump Media and Technology Group, has announced the launch date for their 'non-woke' Twitter alternative, setting the date at February 21, 2022.

Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook over a year ago and has been making statements on his own while suggesting that social media needed a new platform where people can voice their minds.

There are already several platforms out there, but many of them have not been very good for various reasons, such as functionality, fake accounts, or simply turning into a one-sided echo-chamber with no real conversations going on that offered different perspectives.

Gab launched years ago and has been one of the most solid performers in terms of technology, but liberal critics immediately shunned it because people who go there are often on the right side of politics. It does not appear to have an app at this time, as they faced some backlash from big tech.

Parler launched and was completely terrible from the start in terms of functionality. Parler also had fake accounts of celebrities to make it look like they were more popular. One of them was Herschel Walker and he found his own verified account by accident when he went to sign up for real. Parler had a verified account for Walker and it was POSTING as him. Walker went to sign up on his own and couldn't because his own name was taken. He made a statement on Twitter telling people that was NOT him.

Parler faced backlash from the big tech media as well and it appears to be losing any steam it had.

Gettr came out not too long ago and it functions fine. Joe Rogan joined it and somehow had almost 9 million followers overnight, so that was kinda weird. He made a post saying: "Just in case sh-t over at Twitter gets even dumber, I’m here now as well. Rejoice!" That post had only 6.7 comments and 93k likes - which is a very low number compared to his almost 9 million followers. You'd think that number would be a bit higher, right?

We have our own platform here for people to post random things and have conversations right on My Daily Freedom, but it's not your typical setup like Twitter.

Our setup is more similar to an old-school forum where you can post almost whatever you want in terms of text, links, videos, and pictures. It is NOT a social media platform, but we are a place where people can hangout and exchange ideas. You're not getting thousands of LIKES and FOLLOWERS here, but you will have a more meaningful discussion.

The fact is - most of these alternative platforms are just copies of Twitter without the big audience of Twitter.

They all feel like they're missing something and that is the big group of people you're used to seeing. Joe Rogan joining one FOR REAL and announcing it was a step in the right direction for Gettr, but can they build on that?

There's another technical thing all of those platforms are missing and none of them have done right - but as a tech person who knows what's going on, I won't reveal what that is when I can just do it myself and take over.

Will Trump's Truth social make a difference?

We shall see eventually.

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