Here's the video that shows two perspectives, as KAMC's Ryan Chandler reports on it.


Kyle Carruth and Chad Read got into a big disagreement. One of them got shot and it's on video, clear as day. That's the quick version of the story. It seems like this escalated to a level that definitely could have been avoided and it's sad that it ended like this. But we weren't there and we have no idea what else helped this situation escalate beforehand or any of the possible history between them, etc.

From Law and Crime:

A Texas woman has released video of her husband being shot to death by his ex-wife’s boyfriend during a custody fight. She claims the video shows that her husband was murdered, but the shooter’s attorney says it shows his client was acting in self defense.

The woman also has filed a petition for custody of her husband’s children. She alleges that the children are in danger simply by being in the presence of the man who killed their father and that her husband’s ex-wife conspired with the shooter to either assault or kill him.

Read the full story on their site as they have the details and know how to word things correctly as needed.