Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi probably won't like this, but Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is considering banning or limiting lawmakers from trading stocks or holding stocks if the Republicans are successful in retaking House majority during midterm elections.

Daily Caller News Foundation confirmed this when they spoke with a spokesperson for McCarthy, who might be looking at setting the limits on the lawmakers come November - if possible.

The report from DCNF suggests McCarthy is looking at changes, but clearly nothing is set in stone yet The report said: "Some of the floated changes include only letting lawmakers hold professionally-managed mutual funds or blind trusts, while others would ban them from holding stocks that pertain to members’ respective committees."

Pelosi has been defensive when it comes to people suggesting lawmakers shouldn't play the stock market because they're the ones making laws that could literally impact how the market goes. People are accusing politicians of inside trading and many Americans want the politicians OUT of the stock market entirely.

The report on McCarthy further stated:

News: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is considering instituting new limits or an outright ban on lawmakers holding and trading stocks and equities if Republicans take the majority in November.

McCarthy told us his planning on this front is in its early stages, and he hasn’t yet decided on what kind of limitations there may be on stock trades or holdings. One idea would be to force lawmakers to hold only professionally managed mutual funds. Another proposal the GOP leadership is considering would bar lawmakers from holding stocks in companies or industries their committees oversee. Other members have advocated for mandatory blind trusts for lawmakers’ holdings.