Don't forget about Kamala Harris' turkey recipe that she shared back in 2019 to Jonathan Capeheart. This was well before she took over as Queen of the White House and border czar. I have no clue what she actually does as a vice president, but at least I can brine a turkey now.

Just check out this fine specimen of a woman making all those beautiful faces as she schools the planet on how to cook a bird.

Fast forward to today and Black Lives Matter is busy shaming the country for eating dry overcooked turkey on stolen land. I guess everyone should've hopped in their hot tub time machine to go back to 2019 for Kamala's recipe!

WATCH Kamala teach her recipe years before BLM shamed us all into oblivion:

Capeheart wrote: "How much does @KamalaHarris like to cook? She answered my husband's ? about brining a turkey about 1 min before going on @PoliticsNation from Columbia, SC (after I was on). I recorded her response 'cause I don't cook and she was speaking a foreign language. #kamalacooks"

Annnnnd fast forward to today and we see BLM shaming everyone white people for Thanksgiving dinners:


My Stove Top is never dry and neither is my turkey!