Judge Jeanine was on a hot take when she stated that the Democratic Party has actually helped guarantee Trump would most likely be reelected. With the impeachment “sham” being pushed, headed up by top Democratic leaders, and finally put to the task – the Democrats showed they will stop at nothing to get their seat back in the White House.

One thing to note is that this video is a few weeks old and if Judge Jeanine were to revisit this, she might be giving us an even bigger guarantee after what the Democrats did next.

What did they do next? Well, the Democrats voted for Trump to be impeached on two articles of impeachment. Then, they sat on it for a few weeks and didn’t send it to Senate. On Friday, Nancy Pelosi said she would finally send the two impeachment articles to Senate, but she would do it next week.

Will she actually send them this week, or will she sit on them like a hen waiting for new evidence to hatch?

Many Americans ask why the Democrats acted like it was so urgent to get Trump impeached, only to sit on the impeachment articles for what felt like close to a month.

This week’s outcome is nearly unpredictable as Democrats could be sitting on another trick. Or, Trump may actually get his chance to defend himself in a potential trial.

When you factor in how the Democrats reacted to Trump taking out a top General in Iran, you can only imagine the Democratic Party reaction has turned more Americans away from them.

The Democrats have spent more time complaining about Trump doing it without telling Congress, then they have being thankful a known threat is eliminated.

What exactly is wrong with their way of thinking?

When Obama had Osama bin Laden taken out, the whole country was happy. Now this guy Soleimani isn’t even on the same level, but there should be UNITY among Americans on both sides of the political spectrum – but one side is acting mad about it.

Go figure.