Co-host of "The View" Joy Behar is not very happy about former President Donald Trump being acquitted and winning his second impeachment trial.

Behar said, “it was outrageous that he was acquitted… Basically you have a party… that only cares if you salute to the leader and look at how they’re censuring the people who voted to not acquit."

She brought up Sen. Bill Cassidy who faces being censured and Rep. Adam Kinzinger who was heavily criticized on social media.

Behar continued, saying “censured means you’re getting a reprimand. What did they do? A reprimand means you did something wrong..."

WATCH Joy Behar get all flustered over Trump:

It seems like Trump still lives in people's head, even though he's out of office. Time for them to be like the movie Frozen and let it go.