Joy Behar said on "The View" made a nasty comment about Tucker Carlson and quickly walked it back after realizing how bad her statement actually sounded. She suggested that Tucker Carlson "needs to be, you know, tied up and put in the corner somewhere so we never hear from him again."

WATCH Joy Behar say it:

Shortly after saying it, she was already walking it back and clarifying her statement. She then suggested that she doesn't mean for anything bad to happen to him, but she wants him to stop saying stupid things... kinda like the stupid thing she just said.

Behar stated, "I do not mean to imply that anything bad should happen to Tucker Carlson. I just want him to stop saying stupid things... I don't want to be perceived as someone who is violent in any way. I'm not."

WATCH Joy Behar walk it back:

Now ain't that something? Carlson can't win with these folks. One time, another person accused Tucker Carlson of putting googly eyes on AOC, but they turned out to be her real eyes.

It's funny because there's so many people who criticize Trump for saying mean things, but then you have people like Joy Behar saying mean things too.

Where's the fair and balanced approach?

Either we can all say mean things, or we don't - but we need to be a bit equal in our criticism, that's for sure.