Former Presidential candidate, Joe Walsh, shamed Governor Greg Abbott for going on Sean Hannity's show to talk about the current situation in Texas where people have lost power due to a big storm they were obviously unprepared for.

Texas isn't used to the winter blast they were smacked with and their power grid couldn't handle it, so millions of people were out of electricity and there have been some related deaths reported. Apparently, the power grid failed because the people running it didn't see the need to prepare for such an occasion. Really great job there, right? (said no one ever)

Joe Walsh didn't seem to like what Gov. Abbott was saying during his chat with Hannity.

WATCH what Gov. Abbott says that got Joe Walsh to react:

Joe Walsh's response on Twitter was "His state is freezing to death and he’s spewing disinformation on Hannity’s show."

Perhaps it was Abbott's mention of the Green New Deal during his commentary. Walsh didn't provide much more information, just a quick hitting tweet to show he seemed a bit upset with the Texas Governor going on Hannity's show while Texas is in a state of emergency.

And yeah, maybe Abbott should be focused on his people instead of wasting time on a Green New Deal that doesn't actually exist.

Come on, man!