Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate for President (not senate), is just getting worse with his gaffes. He's been known to make quite a few, but now it seems like he's starting to lose track of his thoughts or forget what he was supposed to say, or even forget what he planned to say.

Either way, he does not appear to be holding up very well when it comes to some of these appearances or talks.

When it's time to debate President Donald Trump, then how will Joe Biden survive that? Mentally speaking, Trump seems to be more with it. Biden on the other hand, seems lost a lot of the time.

The debates might be like a college professor debating a high schooler at this point. Biden might get a few lines in, but he's ultimately going to fail against Trump in the debates.

Throw a few of his racial miscues in there, like telling people "you ain't black" and it's hard to imagine support for Biden grows other than the fact that a big portion of the country, the left side of politics, simply does not like Trump.

But who has more videos like this, other than Joe Biden?

Here's Joe Biden mumbling 17 words/sounds in a row and making absolutely no sense.

Here's Joe Biden appearing lost and unable to remember what he was going to say.

Here's Joe Biden having no clue what Juneteenth is, despite knowing he will probably talk about it, and not even bothering to do a Google search on it.