Joe Biden was on a panel with three other people, some representing the NAACP. He was told that some young voters expressed concerns about him. Joe Biden then appeared to be mad and irritated. He demanded to see the polls that said this, but the person did not mention anything about polls.

They were just talking about the people who emailed him and stated concerns they may have.

Biden didn't seem to listen or understand, so they had to explain it to him.

One of the biggest concerns with Joe Biden is his mental stamina. There is no documented dementia at this time, but many people have expressed that they think he's going to have it, or has it already.

Joe Biden often stumbles during his appearances and has a track record of saying things that sometimes make no sense, such as saying the wrong location he's in, or going on about his hairy legs.

His most recent controversy involved him telling a show host that if black voters can't decide if they like him or Trump, then "you ain't black."

When it comes between voting for Trump or a guy who says "you ain't black" - the black voter in America really has a lot of thinking to do.

Democrats had four years from the last election to the election of 2020 and Joe Biden is their top candidate.