People are sharing this video of President Joe Biden walking by himself, then approaching reporters and having a chat with them.

But there’s a really weird moment where Joe Biden’s hand appears above or in front of one of those poofy looking microphones and it looks somewhat glitchy.

It’s like Joe Biden finally broke the Matrix simulation that theorists think we’re living in. Or maybe we are! (insert magical sounding electronic music here)

I can’t explain the weird thing that happens with Joe Biden’s hand and the mic, but I do think you should watch it for fun and speculation reasons:


For context, the video was posted on Twitter by The Hill, a well known and trusted news source.

Newsweek posted about it too, calling out the conspiracy weirdos and writing the following:

In a visual anomaly that more considered analysis might explain as simply an optical illusion, or a technical glitch, conspiracy theorists speculated that the video was shot in front of a green screen—the backdrop which allows digital effects or computer-generated imagery (CGI) to be later added.

While the incident did not trouble too many blue tick Twitter users, speculation from others showed the richness of the human imagination.

Meanwhile, there’s a knock on my office door and someone named White Rabbit showed up on my called ID.