Laura Ingraham focuses her angle on the next election, suggesting it should be locked down. She also calls out the "bootlickers" in the media, which was funny.

Ingraham claims the gates, fences, and barriers around the Capitol may not be removed until Democrats are voted out of office. However, it's actually unclear if and when the fencing etc will be removed.

But don't worry, the fencing around the Capitol might only cost around "$19 million through March" per a report.

WATCH Ingraham's angle:

She slams the left for making it seem like conservatives are terrorists, but then she does reference a video from acting capitol police chief that says some disturbing things.

Sure, if those threats are legit, then by all means take care of it - no matter who it is. Any threat against the Capitol should be acted upon appropriately.

But Ingraham claims, "we all know this is a charade" and then compares it to immigration at the border.

But when it comes to the next election, Ingraham says America should be locking it down.

We have a few years to make sure the next election is safe, secure, and Americans trust in the process.