If you're a pet owner, then you probably can relate to this video of a cat freaking out while at the vet.

Dog, cat, snake, parrot - we've seen just about every type of animal freak out at one point or another and it literally goes something like this.

WATCH and enjoy:

We had two cats when I was a kid. Took the fat kitty to the vet and she jumped out of the container just like this. She ran all over the office and even triggered the sliding automatic doors, but luckily she didn't go outside. She ran back inside because she's an indoor cat and really never liked going out much.

When I was older, we got another cat, and this one got beefy too. She was 22 lbs. This one didn't like going out as much either. She'd sit on the front stoop, but that's about it. I tried getting her out more, but she was just weird about it.

Here's a pic.

cat posessed.jpg