Vice President Kamala Harris is asked a question about national security and responds with a weird answer.

CBS host asked: "What do you see is the biggest national security challenge confronting the US? What is the thing that worries you and keeps you up at night?"

Kamala Harris: "Our democracy."



Isn't democracy what got her in the White House in the first place? Is Kamala Harris worried that people might disagree with her or vote for someone else goes against her?

I believe our election systems need to get rid of paper ballots, go back to the machines, and find an absolutely secure way of voting, perhaps even on the blockchain if that technology can be utilized.

I don't think putting paper ballots all over the place is the safest way to ensure a proper election takes place and we need to come up with something much better.

From my own personal experience with the 2020 election - when I voted, there was a stack of ballots on a table a few feet from me. There was no security cameras in the voting loction which was held in the clubhouse of an apartment complex. What stopped me from grabbing a bunch of ballots and trying to sneak them in? Besides having morals and values, there wasn't much.

I feel like, in my opinion, that our election process in that location was a bit risky because there really could've been someone who took extra ballots and how would we know one way or the other?

I think the election process needs to be fortified with strong technology that provides both transparency and security and old school paper ballots should be trashed.

Elections should be verified to provide Americans and candidates the most accurate results, no matter how the election turns out.