It’s St. Patrick’s day and there’s only one video you need to see before going out for the day or night to binge on your green colored beverages – of course, this year, that means IF YOU’RE ALLOWED TO per state restrictions with that ‘rona.

Either way, the St. Patrick’s day leprechaun video is making its rounds and there is no way we could not post it as well.

Yeah, so what if you’ve seen it a million times, you will see it again and you will enjoy it!

WATCH the best St. Patrick’s video we’re allowed to show you that’s safe for everyone:

The woman who says “COULD BE A CRACKHEEEEEAD!” is literally my heart and soul right there. She’s the best.

Also, I stole this picture from a good friend and it makes a very good point.

Sending Americans $1,400 when bars are about to open up is the most reckless thing we could do in 2021. Nothing says boosting the economy like drinking some ice cold green beer and having green poo two days later.

st patricks stimulus check