This weekend's political conference in Florida, CPAC, was gaining steam after someone spotted a golden Trump statue, but that was old news once everyone saw the "Arrest Cuomo" shirt worn by Twitter user Austen 'Fleccas' Fletcher.

Even though he was kicked out of the conference, very politely, for not wearing his mask - he still managed to grab some headlines with his bright red shirt that mimics the NY Post font and targets disgraced Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo in regards to his harassment allegations.

As stated in the NY Post report:

The red tees, written in a distinctly New York Post font, are a creation of Austen Fletcher, a right-wing social media influencer.

“I’m from Long Island. I used to work in finance back in 2012. I love New York. I grew up going to the city on the weekend,” Fletcher, 31, told The Post, saying he was inspired to create the provocative apparel after “seeing what Cuomo has done [with coronavirus] and seeing the media muppets protecting him.”

The shirts are available on Fletcher’s website and cost 25 bucks a pop.

Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo is facing mounting accusations that he harassed people, adding to the trouble he has with the nursing home situation.

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Cuomo won praise for what at the time was described as his cool and competent handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The veneer of leadership fell away after his top aide revealed Cuomo’s team concealed true data on coronavirus nursing home deaths from the feds. He’s since also been accused of sexual harassment by a former aide and now faces growing and bipartisan calls for his impeachment.

What does his brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, have to say about this?