Senator Lindsey Graham was on Fox News with Chris Wallace talking about the Trump impeachment trial and the former president's response to his second acquittal.

Graham suggested that Trump is grateful for those who stuck by him and that Trump is looking forward to 2022.

But then Graham goes into a defensive groveling state where he's trying to look like a loyalist, despite having a reputation as a "do-nothing" senator.

Graham says the "Trump movement is alive and well" and suggests Lara Trump might have benefited in some way.

Graham says Trump is not singularly to blame and scolds Democrats for sitting on the sidelines and watching the country be destroyed.

If Trump was convicted, then Lindsey Graham is the type of person who would be giving Kamala Harris a fist bump over it.

WATCH Graham claw his way into the good graces of Trump:

The sad attempt of Lindsey Graham to act like he's doing anything worthwhile was pointed out by people in both parties. Even Rolling Stone ran a piece on Graham's groveling:

The senator said he spoke with Trump after the acquittal, telling host Chris Wallace that he’s traveling to Florida next week to golf with the former president. Graham then proceeded to fill the rest of the interview with praise of Trump and explaining how the party is lost without him.

The South Carolina senator recounted the call to Wallace: “I said, ‘Mr. President, this MAGA movement needs to continue. We need to unite the party… Trump-plus is the way back in 2022.’ ”

Graham also said that Trump “told people to be peaceful” on January 6th and that the former president “absolutely did not” incite a riot.

Mitch McConnell blamed Trump for the Capitol incident, despite voting for him to not be convicted. McConnell is another politician that people on both sides are really starting to dislike. Or maybe they always disliked him.