Richard Grenell didn't hold back when it came to shaming the Democratic governor from California. Grenell was talking to Sean Spicer and said, "we have a long history of one party rule here in California, Gavin Newsom's tenure has been a disaster."

WATCH Grenell unload on Newsom:

Meanwhile, there are people in California collecting signatures to recall Newsom. They don't quite have enough signatures yet, but they're working on it. KCRA dives a bit more into that with a report stating the following:

Tuesday, all 58 counties were required to submit new data to the Secretary of State that included how many total signatures they’ve received; of those, how many they’ve verified and of the verified signatures, registrars had to say how many are valid.

A cumulative report with the compiled data was anticipated Tuesday, but, instead, a spokesperson from the Secretary of State's office told KCRA 3 the report won’t be complete until Wednesday or possibly Thursday.

That prompted KCRA to call each of the 58 counties to get their data independently. To put things into perspective, as of Jan. 6 the secretary's office reported a total of 410,087 valid signatures statewide.

More than 1.4 million valid signatures are required by law to get the recall on the ballot. Based on our research, several counties reported a significantly higher number of valid signatures since last month.

The report later says, "according to data compiled by KCRA on Tuesday and Wednesday, there are at least 560,364 valid signatures statewide for the recall petition."

I guess people aren't working hard enough to get signatures, or people really like the hair gel governor.

What's it going to be, folks?