Sen. Lindsey Graham bashed the entire Democratic Party this week and blamed them singlehandedly for taking America into the "most dangerous times since the late 1930's."

Graham called Democrats agenda the "failed Democratic radical agenda" and says their ideas and politics are what's driving this country into the gutter.

These verbal attacks on the left happened during a radio interview with New York businessman John Catsimatidis on "The Cats Roundtable" show, where Graham was talking about the state of America and upcoming midterm elections this year. Graham also touched on policies that he believed were government overstepping their bounds.

Graham said, specifically: "These folks running our country in the House and the Senate and Biden don't know what they're doing... These are the most dangerous times since the late '30s."

What did the 1930's have? Oh, you know, just the Great Depression and getting prepared for World War II.

We have inflation now and a military that's touching on the boundaries of being woke, and it's my belief that other superpowers across the planet are laughing at us.

Critical race theory in the military? What a joke.

The state of our current economy? A terrible disaster!

At what point will Americans wake up and realize that if they voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, that those people are responsible for the horrid state our country is in, especially in Democrat cities being ravaged by crime because their pathetic mayors and district attorneys are soft on crime.

Can't get the criminals to vote for you if you're putting them in jail, right?

And now NYC's new mayor is about to let 800,000 non-citizens vote?

Are you kidding me?

This country is turning into a dumpster fire and Democrats are the reason why.