Sen. Lindsey Graham says "I don't know how Kamala Harris doesn't get impeached if the Republicans take over the house."

Graham suggests we've "opened Pandora's Box" in regard to impeaching politicians. Graham says that Kamala Harris bailed out rioters and one of them went back to the streets and "broke somebody's head open." Graham calls them "rioters" but Kamala Harris promoted a fund that supporters "protesters" so they're using different language to describe a group of people, some of whom were suspected of much more serious crimes than simply protesting.

However, it's unclear which exact protester Graham is speaking of. At least one of the people bailed out by the Harris supported fund was arrested. Graham was not specific about the protester/rioter who he claims "broke somebody's head open."

WATCH Graham discuss the precedent set and mention impeaching Kamala Harris: