Lindsey Graham had no problem opening up about his thoughts on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and easily called her out for “one thing after another” against Trump. Graham also suggested that Pelosi probably prays for Trump, but she has “orchestrated the church of holy hell.”

Graham likes to comment on the impeachment, place the blame on Democrats, and generally defends President Trump when he opens up.

Graham also stated that it’s a good thing for America if the impeachment trial of Donald Trump is over sooner than later, as per a report by Valerie Richardson on the Washington Times.

“The sooner this is over, the better for the country. We can get back to do the business of the American people,” Mr. Graham said.

House Democrats have sought to call new witnesses during the Senate trial, which begins Tuesday, arguing that a truncated process would be unfair.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, the lead House impeachment manager, said the lingering question was “will there be a fair trial?”

“Will the senators allow the House to call witnesses to introduce documents?” he asked on ABC’s “This Week.” “That is the foundational issue on which everything else rests. And one thing that the public is overwhelmingly in support of, and that is a fair trial.”

We will see Trump’s trial with the Senate.

Many Americans want it to be fair and swift, because it really doesn’t seem to be an issue that would see Trump removed from office.

Calling out corruption of a world leader shouldn’t be an issue, but since Trump is president and the phone call was viewed as an abuse of power, he has to deal with the impeachment.

When compared to Bill Clinton’s impeachment, many do not believe Trump will be removed from office over something that seems so trivial.

More importantly, the investigation into Hunter Biden should hold more weight.