Governor Andrew Cuomo, a disgraced Democrat running New York, is once again groveling in his awful voice and spewing his nonsense to constituents. Except, there's a lot more people watching this than just New Yorkers.

It seems like Cuomo wants nursing home families to have the facts and he's ready to fight off the lies, but that doesn't sound right coming from Cuomo, of all people.

I don't know who wrote this speech to go with the slide show, but it's like we're watching an episode of Black Mirror and this guy lives in an alternate reality and doesn't realize it. Or, he's so demented that he purposely lives in his own reality. There are allegations of a nursing home coverup scandal being reported and this is what Cuomo comes up with?

WATCH this groveling monster named Andrew Cuomo talk about taking on the lies:

Did this filthy politician seriously say, "I’m not going to let New Yorkers be lied to. I’m not going to let you hurt New Yorkers by lying about what happened surrounding the death of a loved one" and he's the one whose administration allegedly hid nursing home data from the feds?

Is hiding data from the feds the same thing as telling a lie?

Is that too hard to ask for all the families who lost loved ones because of his administrations alleged failures? Sure, he admitted the data was delayed, but people want him held accountable and not let off the hook.

Meanwhile, Cuomo shows up with the dumbest PowerPoint-looking presentation and rhetoric acting like others are telling lies. Maybe some people are telling lies. Maybe hiding or delaying data to avoid the feds is a lie.

I don't know how much he pays staffers, but it ain't enough. Cuomo is under investigation, but will it amount to anything?

A lot of people hope Cuomo is impeached - but the reality of that happening don't seem very high.

Photo: Gov. Cuomo's office.