Someone got really creative leading up to CPAC this weekend as they rolled out a gold statue of former President Donald Trump.

It's big, it's gold, and it's on wheels.

Reporter William Turton shared the video on social media, racking up over 7 million views in about one day and it's still going!

WATCH them roll out the gold Trump statue:

And of course, the gold Trump statue was noticed by Democrats too. Complainer-in-chief, Joy Reid, just had to chime in, saying "As many people have noted in the replies, it appears the conservative “Christians” of the Trumpian right have gone all-in on worshipping their golden calf. Perhaps @marcorubio can recall the appropriate verse in his tweets..."

I don't know, Joy. Maybe the creator made it because they were bored and just wanted to make something. We don't all need a reason to create, sometimes we just do it because we like to.

Making an artsy statue of a former president doesn't mean you worship the guy, but of course, Joy Reid had to get in on the action since it was getting more attention than her.

What will they do with the gold Trump statue after the CPAC event?

Also, do you think that's real gold, or just that fancy art paint they sell at the craft store?

My guess.... it's probably paint.