Ghislaine Maxwell has now tried to block Jeffrey Epstein evidence in her upcoming trial. Part of that evidence was an address book and a SEX TOY!!!! I'm not sure what kind of legal strategy this is, but now that people are aware of it, how does she know that a jury member won't subconsciously use it against her?

Here's the news video with the scoop:

If you wanted to watch Ghislaine Maxwell get a book thrown at her by a judge and jury, well then you're out of luck. There are federal level prohibitions that won't allow cameras in the courtroom, which is much different than the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that was presumably at a state level.

There were a lot of online assumptions that this was media manipulation, but it's not. It's actually a federal law in most courts, so there's nothing we can do about this but hope that reporters give us the most clear story possible.

We also hope that Ghislaine Maxwell spills so much dirt that we have enough horrible gossip on big names to last us all month.

As the for the evidence on reasons why the Ghislaine Maxwell trial cannot be televised, Reuters already did the fact check on it:

Reuters fact check said: "Contrary to online claims, the absence of cameras in the upcoming Ghislaine Maxwell trial is not evidence of “media manipulation”: while some state and local courts in the U.S. allow live broadcasts of certain proceedings, federal courts largely do not"

Looks like jury selection has already begun on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Maybe they'll pick all young white girls who can relate to all the alleged people that were conned or trapped into being slaves for Jeffrey Epstein who, jokingly, "did not kill himself" - and here's a quick reminder that was a sarcastic joke, just so you fact checkers know. LOL!