Geraldo Rivera is down in Siesta Keys calling Ted Cruz a 'Sleezebag' and 'LowLife' while demands apology from former President Donald Trump.

Rivera says he would love to have Donald Trump back, as Rivera admits he is still a Republican. Rivera says he has "deep love" for Trump who is a larger than life figure.

But Rivera also suggests, in his tweet, that Trump must apologize for what happened on January 6 at the Capitol. Rivera suggests Trump should apologize before he "gets me back" implying that Rivera won't be a fan of Trump again, until Rivera gets his demanded apology.

WATCH Rivera get all conflicted over Trump:

Did you catch the part where Geraldo Rivera mentioned how he relates to Mitch McConnell's ideas? Uh.... someone want to tell Rivera that pretty much everyone is getting sick and tired of Mitch McConnell nowadays?

Was Geraldo Rivera being arrogant in his video?