California's Governor known for violating his own rules and having too much LA Looks in his hairstyle was talking to Joy Reid on her super wonderful show (sarcasm).

She asked him if he'd replace ancient old Dianne Feinstein with a black nominee, if Feinstein retired. Meanwhile, Feinstein is older than dirt that Noah walked on when he made the ten commandments. She's 87, but to me that's well past the point of retirement and she's just hogging her job so no one else could take it. Typical tyrant.

Newsom reveals his big answer!

WATCH the hair gel governor give his big reveal:

This is the big answer Joy Reid always wanted!

It also seems like Newsom is actually not sure who he would nominate as he gives her the generic "I have a few names i mind" bologna.

Speaking of rotten lunch meat, I bet that guy Gavin smells like old ham. Or maybe that's just the people living on the street in Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters districts.