Rep. Matt Gaetz was speaking at CPAC in Florida and made a half decent point in an attempt to slam social media.

Gaetz said, "today, America's sharpest minds are focused on memes, not munitions. Likes, not lasers. Ratios, not robotics. And hyper-viral, not hypersonic. So are social networks really making us stronger?"

WATCH Matt Gaetz give his little chat:

And to be fair, Gaetz made a good point about the memes. We love memes. Even people who work fancy intelligent jobs enjoy memes.

That's just a fact that most people can enjoy a good meme or two.

However, his point falls flat because the sharpest minds are still out there doing a great job at whatever they do.

Just because people like a good laugh or two, that doesn't mean they're not dedicating their time and brain power to doing great things.

But Gaetz's other point is that social media has us addicted to things. And that part is somewhat true. How many days can you go without checking your phone to see who tagged you, or what Nancy down the street is wearing baking for lunch, or posting pics of your family and friends on a wild night out.

Social media does feed our needs, but maybe that's up to us to have better needs.

Also, you can win mind wars with memes. Remember the meme war with CNN and Trump?