Brad Raffensperger sparked a major conversation when he suggested a Constitutional Amendment to ensure that only United States citizens are voting in election, a chat that referenced New York recently allowing over 800,000 noncitizens access to vote in local minor elections.

Raffensperger, Georgia's Republican Secretary of State, is up for re-election and targeted Democrats who continuously make claims about voter suppression, rejected that notion and defending his state of Georgia by saying, during an interview on "Face the Nation," the following: "I think that we have shown that Georgia has fair and honest elections."


Raffensperger continued: "We have record registrations. We have record turnout. Anyone that wants to vote in Georgia has tremendous opportunities to vote early, vote with no excuse absentee voting, with photo ID, and then also show up on Election Day. And I'll compare our record against other states."

He further targeted Democrats, saying they should ban ballot harvesting and demand widespread voter ID become a requirement to help ensure elections are more fair and accurate than ever.

He kept going: "...that's one thing that I do think we need is to make sure that nationwide there should be a law that bans, you know, ballot harvesting. I don't think that ballot harvesting is good. The only person that should touch your ballot is you and the election official. So I think that's one solid, election reform measure. Number two, I think that we should have a constitutional amendment, a U.S. constitutional amendment, that only American citizens vote in our elections. And I think we should also have photo ID. We now have photo ID for all forms of voting in Georgia."

As of now, only United States citizens are allowed to vote in the major elections, but New York is now trying to permit noncitizens to vote in smaller local elections.

This is where Raffensperger wants the amendment to solidify the big elections ONLY for United States citizens. He is likely pushing for this because many people know the saying with Democrats - you give them an inch and they'll take a mile.

He pushed further: "Now you see cities are trying to push non-citizen voting. And I believe that only American citizens should be voting in our elections. And that's supported by a wide variety --a wide majority of all Americans, just like photo ID is supported by all demographic groups and a majority of both political parties. And that's what they've been using in Minnesota for over 11 years for their absentee balloting. So that's another, you know, solid, common sense federal reform measure, if they really want to get series about election reform."

Raffensperger is set on voter ID and suggested that it "is the most secure way of using and making sure that you can identify who the voter is. And I think that's very important."

He scolded Democrats who want same-day registration by saying that is somewhat difficult for any election officials to manage considering the amount of work and chaos it could cause at the voter locations. It makes more sense for people to be registered ahead of time, certainly, to get in, vote, and get out. For example, we've got four years in between each presidential election, so if that's not enough time to get yourself registered to vote, then maybe you shouldn't be voting in the first place.