Former ICE Director, Tom Homan, was on the news talking about how bad it would be in a nation without police.

One of his biggest points was for us to think about how much the value on your home would change in a neighborhood ripe with crime because of the lack of police.

America needs consequences for bad actions and that involves having police and prisons.

If there's no consequence to one's actions because Democrats who want police abolished, or even lessened to the point the district is no longer effective, then criminals would run wild.

Because, why wouldn't they?

If a criminal knows they can walk into a store, steal something, and there's no consequence - then why wouldn't they?

Why wouldn't you do it?

If you want that new Mercedes and you can steal it because there are no police to call, well then you just yourself a new Mercedes.

Defunding police and taking money away from police districts who want to provide gear and training to officers simply makes no sense.

Some Democrats who want to simply take budget money away from police and put it into the community have a good point. Of course the community should be built up with plenty of services and activities for residents to get involved with. But, that does not mean the funding should be pulled from the police.

How about taking the funds from other programs that have little interest to people? What about having better funding management so that money isn't wasted?

What about asking the government for more money to use on those other programs?

There are many options out there, but defunding the police should be the last one on the list of things to defund.

Better yet, it shouldn't be on the list at all.

Listen to Tom Homan.