Democrats are now eating each other alive!

This is Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez, a fellow Democrat, and he discusses the terrible state of lawlessness in Chicago while calling out the failing Mayor Lori Lightfoot. If you're a Democrat mayor and crime is rising in your city, then clearly you might not be doing the best job to unite the people and have them living in a peaceful city.

There will ALWAYS be crime, but crime should be going down, never up, and if it's going up - then what are the leaders in the community doing to fix that?

And let's be honest here, not every politician can control the crime rates, because we DO need to put the blame on the PEOPLE for being scumbag criminals too. However, politicians can provide leadership that brings people together in ways that communities either thrive, or they fall apart.

Why do so many big Democrat cities have such a bad crime problem? Well, partially because Democrat leadership sometimes sucks and because the people who live there act like there are no rules in life.

WATCH Lori Lightfoot get WRECKED by another Democrat: