Dianne Feinstein was seen on C-SPAN giving a statement back in 1998, when former President Bill Clinton was being impeached. She suggested that impeaching a United States president is bad for the country and that Clinton’s trial should end “as quickly as possible.”

Fast forward about 20-years later and we’re in a similar situation with another president being impeached, but it appears that Democrats have changed their tune on it.

Members of the Democratic Party have previously stressed an urgency to impeach President Donald Trump. Then Congress stalled around the holidays and it took several weeks for them to sign the impeachment articles over to Senate. A once urgent matter was stalled, causing Democrats to be criticized for their actions.

The video below was posted GOP War Room with the following description:

During the Clinton impeachment process in 1998, Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein said that impeachment hurt the U.S. and the U.S. presidency, and that the trial and process should be finished “as quickly as possible.”

Back in 2016, commentary about Dianne Feinstein and some information about Democrats and Bill Clinton’s impeachment was posted in a CNS News article by Terence P. Jeffrey that said the following:

Feinstein — along with every other Senate Democrat and five Republicans — voted on Feb. 12, 1999 that Clinton was “not guilty” of either of the two Articles of Impeachment the House brought against him.

“Clinton acquitted but tarnished forever by impeachment,” said an Associated Press headline the next day.

“[T]he Senate, with Democrats solidly in his camp, acquitted him on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice,” said the AP story.

But Feinstein had recruited 37 other senators, including some Republicans, to co-sponsor a resolution she hoped the Senate would pass to “censure” Clinton.

“[D]uring these trying days,” Feinstein said, according to the Congressional Record, “the question has been asked of many of us: ‘What will we tell our children about this sordid period in our Nation’s history?'”